4/qgFWj3Y2Vg66NEmItB-E08P1JQ9oXWp1nAeXBQf4DHB2vCGgI5-bsKo 4/qgEb3hOhdk6BXYpRrIoi9J6GSOF3Zz_6WBhO-dVNhFyGIVxqYdpgqF0 Samsung galaxy s10 dual sim


Manufacturer Number SM-G973FZWDXSG

Package thickness 16 centimeters

Screen resolution 1440 x 3040

Package weight in KGs 404 grams

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the description:

Capture unforgettable moments in the ultimate clarity with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Dual SIM. Samsung has three rear cameras and you can switch between twice the optical zoom and ultra-wide angle, allowing you to capture everything you see, just as you see it. In addition, the Galaxy S10 comes with a dynamic 6.1inch AMOLED display that gives you a clear view without any interruption. The front camera of the Samsung S10 is placed far away inside the screen without affecting the image quality. In addition, the fingerprint sensor has been moved from back to front so you can unlock the phone by simply touching the glass front. The Galaxy S10 also features wireless power sharing, which means it can charge other Samsung S10 phones and wearable devices. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Dual SIM smartphone comes in a stunning white prism design and offers 128GB of memory, so you can store all your photos without having to delete old photos.

the structure

Samsung Galaxy Dual Sim

Key Features

Octa core


Capacity 128 GB

Dual SIM

12MP + 12MP + 16MP rear camera

10MP front camera

6.1 Inch Screen

Lithium-ion battery


Samsung Exynos

Secret Shipping

Bluetooth 5.0

Unparalleled camera system

Samsung Galaxy Dual Sim

The Samsung Galaxy S10 introduces advanced camera technology and advanced intelligence thanks to the dual lens aperture and dual pixel that Samsung has on other phones so you will be able to capture legendary photos and videos with ease. The Samsung S10 captures images exactly as the human eye sees it thanks to its ultra-wide lens that allows you to shoot with a range of 123 degrees. As a result, this smartphone is the perfect choice for capturing large panorama and scenic photos. Be sure to show the whole family in the picture and make sure you capture all your beautiful moments together anytime, anywhere!

Photos like a pro

Samsung Galaxy Dual Sim

Whether you are recording all the details of a bike ride or dancing in huge shows with the superior stability and digital stabilization technology of the Samsung Galaxy S10, you don't have to worry about shaking during shooting and just think about how to capture moments like a pro. Both the front and rear cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S10 4G LTE can capture ultra HD images, ensuring the memories you capture are preserved in crystal clear visual quality. What's more? The rear camera gives you the flexibility to record videos in HDR 10 Plus format, so images and snapshots look as close to the reality as you are watching them directly. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Dual SIM makes smart features even more accurate as it features a neural processing unit. Now, you can get professional shots worth sharing without having to manually set any advanced camera settings. Furthermore, the Samsung S10's Scene Optimizer and Photo Suggestion process additional scenes and provide automatic suggestions so you can take your photos better than ever.

Intelligent performance features you can rely on

Samsung Galaxy Dual Sim

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Dual SIM is designed with premium hardware and software-based learning software that exceeds current generation standards. From power-sharing capabilities to smart Wi-Fi and enhanced performance with AI, the sleek phone is dubbed the most intelligent Samsung yet. From the inside out! The AI ​​kernel automatically optimizes CPU, RAM, battery, and even device temperature based on how you use the phone and evolves to improve over time. Smart Wi-Fi allows for uninterrupted secure communication by switching between Wi-Fi and LTE flawlessly according to signal strength and need, as well as alerting you to scam Wi-Fi networks. Furthermore, the Samsung S10 also supports the new Wi-Fi 6 standard that improves wireless performance when connected to a compatible router. When you have Bixby doing your routines and making personalized recommendations, your daily tasks will become easier than ever.

Advanced level

Samsung Galaxy Dual Sim

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Dual SIM smartphone offers everything you expect from the Galaxy S series and more. It is equipped with a range of advanced features such as wireless charging 2.0, Samsung Health, Samsung Pay and Samsung DX. Furthermore, the IP68 is waterproof and dustproof so you can use it in all water places without worrying about any damage. Malicious.

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